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Last Updated: 18 April 2014

Institute for Core-Plus Mathematics Facilitators - Kalamazoo, MI
Dates: June 24-26, 2014
Cost: $350 prepaid

Intended Audience:
  • Experienced Core-Plus Mathematics professional development providers
  • Experienced Core-Plus Mathematics teachers wishing to become trainers
  • Curriculum leaders with the responsibility of providing professional development in their district
  • Independent consultants
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2014 CCSS Edition Course-Specific Implementation Workshops - Kalamazoo, MI
Transforming high school mathematics is more than selecting new curriculum materials: it is rethinking and reshaping the way school mathematics is taught, learned, and assessed in an era of Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The Summer 2014 Core-Plus Mathematics Project Implementation Workshops are designed for mathematics teachers currently using Core-Plus Mathematics 2nd edition or the new CCSS edition of the program. It would also be appropriate for those considering implementing Core-Plus Mathematics. All workshops are conducted by experienced Core-Plus Mathematics classroom teachers.

The dates for the CCSS edition week-long workshops in Kalamazoo, MI are July 21–25, 2014. A workshop overview, lodging options, registration form, and agendas follow.

Course-Specific Workshops Provide:
  • an overview of the four-year Core-Plus Mathematics program focusing on the CCSS mathematical practices and their integration with specific course content;

  • hands-on experiences with the curriculum materials, instructional model, and formative and summative assessment methods;

  • ideas and discussions on how to facilitate problem-based collaborative learning, including reading strategies;

Teachers from around the nation working together at an annual CPMP Implementation Workshop.

  • hands-on experiences with technology tools including graphing calculators and CPMP-Tools software designed to support student inquiry, problem solving, and learning;

  • practical suggestions related to implementation issues including: teacher support, course scheduling, program evaluation, and communication with local stake-holders; and

  • sharing ideas with experienced CPMP teachers.

Fees for each week-long workshop are $595, payable with registration by June 6, 2014. Late registration after June 6 is $695. Payment may be made by check or purchase order payable to Core-Plus Mathematics Project. Lunch is included daily.

Lodging Information
Participants are responsible for their own lodging arrangements.

Workshop Credit
Confirmation of hours attended will be documented.

CCSS Edition Workshops
Kalamazoo, MI
Course 1: July 21 (8 am)–July 25
Course 2: July 21 (8 am)–July 25
Course 3: July 21 (8 am)–July 25
Course 4: July 21 (8 am)–July 25
Registration Form
Preliminary Agendas: Course 1, Course 2, Course 3, Course 4


On-Site Professional Development

If you wish to discuss options for regional or local professional development, contact your McGraw-Hill representative or Customer Support. Or contact the Core-Plus Mathematics Project office at:

Phone: (866) 407-2767

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