Course 4 Unit 9 - Informatics
1st Edition

Informatics is the final unit of the discrete mathematics strand of the Contemporary Mathematics in Context program. Students intending to pursue college majors in social, management, and some of the health sciences or humanities should study this unit. (See the descriptions of Course 4 Units.)

Unit Overview

Unit 9 develops student understanding of the mathematics of information processing, focusing on the basic issues of access, security, and accuracy.

Unit Objectives
  • To understand three fundamental issues related to information processing - access, security, and accuracy
  • To understand and apply elementary set theory, particularly as related to Internet search engines
  • To understand and apply basic concepts of cryptography, including symmetric-key and public-key cryptosystems and the role of number theory in cryptography
  • To understand and apply the mathematics of error-detecting codes, particularly as related to codes used for identification numbers

Sample Overview

The sample material from this unit is Lesson 1. In this lesson, students investigate one of the important themes of informatics - access - and in the process learn some of the basic concepts of set theory.

Instructional Design

Throughout the curriculum, interesting problem contexts serve as the foundation for instruction. As lessons unfold around these problem situations, classroom instruction tends to follow a common pattern as elaborated under Instructional Design.

View Sample Material

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print the sample material.

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